Happy Birthday Windows Networking

Windows Networking

Fifteen years ago, on October 27, 1992, Microsoft shipped Windows for Workgroups (aka WfW for those who had dial-up Internet access back in the day that charged by the character) v3.1.

One of the major selling points of this release/update was the inclusion of “built in networking functionality” that would help make sharing files, sending electronic mails and “surfing” those Gopher sites — that is, if you installed that pesky TCP/IP update — that much easier. 

Granted, these networking features were basically NetBIOS, but that didn’t stop us from saying proudly on the product box: “Windows for Workgroups: Operating System with Integrated Networking.” 

While WfW Networking was still a leap forward, you’d have to wait until Windows 95 to get the complete “Internets” ready experience out of the box with Windows.

Source : Forefront Team Blog