HOW-TO: Install Windows Vista SP1 Beta

Some people don’t install Windows Vista before SP1 is available, but (too bad) SP1 isn’t available to the public yet). Today there was a patch posted with you can install SP1 through Windows Update!

Just follow the next steps to install SP1 :

Download Service Pack 1 through Windows Update :

  1. Download Windows Vista Service Pack and unpack it on your machine.
  2. Run SP1Beta_Hack.cmd with adminpriveleges, after you run the cmd you should see update KB935509 at Windows Update.
  3. install the update (KB935509) and restart your machine after you installed the update succesful.
  4. Run Windows Update again. You should see update KB937287 in the list.
  5. Install this update (KB937287) and restart your machine again.
  6. Run Windows Update for the 3rd time. Now you should see update KB938371.
  7. Install this update (KB938371) and restart your pc (again).
  8. Finally you should run Windows Update again and you should see Service Pack 1 Beta for Microsoft Windows Vista (screenshot below).
  9. Install SP1 and restart your pc for the last time.

Windows Vista SP1 Beta Windows Update #2

Verwijder het Evaluation Copy bericht:

  1. Run watermark_fix.reg.
  2. Rename user32.dll.mui to user32.dll.mui.old (you can find the file at c:WindowsSystem32en-US).
  3. Copy user32.dll.mui from the zipfile to the location mentioned above.
  4. Restart Windows Vista

Just for the record : I don’t take any responsabillity for the correct installation of SP1. SP1 is only available on the English, German or Japanese version of Windows Vista. If SP1 finds another language (and you can’t uninstall it) you’re unable to install SP1.