Make your MCP Profile Public (updated)

Microsoft MCP Advanced Search

Since last friday there are some new MCP Member features online. One of my favorites is the MCP Search option. Through this search engine you can find MCPs around the world. The only problem is that you have to make your profile partly public before you can be found.

And when you even want to search by Country (for example you want to know how many MCPs there are in The Netherlands) you even have to make your address public (if it’s your private address I should change it to your business address). If there isn’t a MCP in your country with the address set to public your the country even isn’t visible in the Country/region pulldown menu. image

The How-To is available in Dutch and English. Just click the appropriate file below!

Download How-To Make My MCP Profile Public (Dutch version / Nederlandse Versie)
Download How-To Make My MCP Profile Public (English version / Engelse Versie)