Microsoft Live Labs : Seadragon & Deepfish

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Op Peter z’n blog las ik over een nieuwe Microsoft Live functionaliteit : Seadragon. Natuurlijk klik ik even door en kwam een misschien nog wel interessantere Microsoft applicatie tegen : Deepfish.

Hieronder even een korte uitleg over bovengenoemde applicaties.

About Seadragon

Seadragon is an incubation project resulting from the acquisition of Seadragon Software in February. Its aim is nothing less than to change the way we use screens, from wall-sized displays to mobile devices, so that visual information can be smoothly browsed regardless of the amount of data involved or the bandwidth of the network.

If this sounds a little vague, consider the following four “promises” of Seadragon:

  1. Speed of navigation is independent of the size or number of objects.
  2. Performance depends only on the ratio of bandwidth to pixels on the screen.
  3. Transitions are smooth as butter.
  4. Scaling is near perfect and rapid for screens of any resolution.

The Seadragon team is currently tuning its DirectX implementation, making the most of the new Windows Media Photo format, and cranking on the Photosynth Technology Preview.

About Deepfish

Deepfish is a lightweight client application that leverages a powerful server side technology for delivery of content such as web pages to a Windows Mobile device. Content is displayed in a familiar desktop format that requires no additional work by the content or site author.
Deepfish provides:

  • A familiar look and feel of web pages on mobile as seen on desktop.
  • Bandwidth optimized rendering for faster content delivery.
  • Address bar web navigation.
  • Intuitive zooming, panning and cue map for quick navigation and browsing.
  • Support for simple link navigation and form submission.

Current Limitations

As a technology preview, Deepfish is early in its development cycle (still a few releases from beta quality). As a result some features are not implemented or are only partially implemented. Currently, the technology preview does not support ActiveX controls, AJAX, cookies, Javascript, and HTTP POST.

Currently, the Deepfish technology preview is available only on a limited basis. Access to the technology preview is provided on a first come, first serve basis and the technology preview will be closed to new participants once our initial limit is reached. We may increase the size of the preview over time to gather additional feedback and preview new features. If you were unable to get access to the first round and would still to try Deepfish, please stay tuned to the team blog for updates.