IT-Forum : Day 1 Wrap by the VirtualSide Team

virtualside_itf Microsoft’s hosts Tony Krijnen & Daniel van Soest welcome 5,000+ delegates for an action-packed week… breakout sessions, interactive sessions, self-paced hands-on labs, instructor-led labs, fish bowl interviews, diary room recordings and more. They toast the start of the week at the Welcome Reception and catch-up with wave 1 of Speaker Idol.

On the IT-Forum pages you can watch the video in Windows Media Format. I know that’s not viewable for everybody so I downloaded the video and converted it so it would play in an ordinary FlashPlayer. If anyone wants an Silverlight version, just let me know…


Just for the record : I did not record the movie you can watch above. I downloaded it from the official IT Forum website and converted it so also viewers who can’t watch MediaPlayer content on their pc’s (at the office, internercaf√©) can watch the video in a flashplayer.