IT-Forum : Day 2 Wrap by the VirtualSide Team

Things get going on Day 2. Extra rooms are laid on to accommodate the high demand, delegates sign up for lunch-time demos, the Ask-the-Expert area is buzzing with attendees seeking information, speakers are competing for the top speaker slot… all that in a day!  Be sure to ‘Connect’ tomorrow for more of the action.

On the IT-Forum pages you can watch the video in Windows Media Format. I know that’s not viewable for everybody so I downloaded the video and converted it so it would play in an ordinary FlashPlayer. If anyone wants an Silverlight version, just let me know…


Just for the record : I did not record the movie you can watch above. I downloaded it from the official IT Forum website and converted it so also viewers who can’t watch MediaPlayer content on their pc’s (at the office, internercafé) can watch the video in a flashplayer.