IT Forum : Microsoft Hyper-V Server

TechED ITForum I’m not at the IT Forum at Barcelona myself, but a lot of my ‘IT colleagues’ are.Some of them are blogging live from IT-Forum. Whenever I see interesting information coming from one of them, I’ll post it at my blog so you all can be part of the news.

Maarten from techlog is blogging the following :

IT ForumMicrosoft will also announce the Hyper-V server. This will be a standalone hypervisor based server virtualization product that complements the Hyper-V technology in Windows server 2008 and allows customers to virtualizes workloads onto a single physical server.
This edition will be a major blow to the competition as its target price is $28. This Hyper-V server is a new product, not like server core + virtualization, but a light-weight standalone hypervisor, much like its biggest competitor: ESX