Join Xtival 07 on XBOX Live and play online for free!


Xbox LIVE invites you to Xtival ’07: a three-day extravaganza of FREE Xbox LIVE Gold gaming. For 72 hours you’ll be able to play your favourite games against your mates, wherever they are – or you can jump in and enjoy Xbox LIVE on your own. Don’t miss our exciting competitions, Developer Jam Sessions and loads more free gaming goodness. So stick it in your diary and get ready for the gaming event of the year.

Just check the Xtival homepage for more information (and the line-up), I think the Xtival event is only happening in Europe (yeah it’s a European festival only as you can read on the Ubisoft website).

More info about Xtival ’07 (English)

If English isn’t your native language, visit one of the links below for info in your own language :
Meer informatie over Xtival ’07 (Dutch)
Plus d’information plus de Xtival ’07 (French)
Mehr Info vorbei Xtival ’07 (German)
Più Info sopra Xtival ’07 (Italian)
Más Info encima Xtival ’07 (Spanish)