UPDATED : MCP : System Center Configuration Manager Beta & Windows 2008 Exams


Today Trika announced on her blog that the next beta exam will be probably available at the end of this month (next week!). The next three betas will be the MCTS exams for Windows 2008 (71-640, 71-641, 71-642), the exact date isn’t sure but it could be somewhere between the end of November (next week!) and the the end of December.

The beta MCITP exams (the ones I have to take) will begin somewhere late December 2007! In both cases (the MCTS and MCITP), invitations to the beta will go out following the standard process :

  • Microsoft employees notified via internal distribution list
  • MCTs notified via private MCT newsgroups
  • Customers notified by invitation only (must be registered to MCP newsletter to receive). Customers who hold MCSA or MCSE on Windows Server 2003 will most likely be the people who receive an invite.

More Info about the SCCM Exam :

Sander Zegveld tipped me about the promo code you have to use the schedule the exam (for free) : TSCCM (The promocode mentioned at his source was wrong, check my latest post about the SCCM Beta exam for the correct one)

From the same source comes the date when the exam wil be available : November, 28th!

This are the exam objectives :

1. Deploying a System Centre Configuration manager 2007 Server
1.1. Setup and configure AD Schema
1.2. Migrate from SMS 2003 heirarchy to SCCM 2007
1.3. Configure an SCCM 2007 heirarchy
1.4. Setup and configure security accounts
2. Configuring an SCCM infrastructure
2.1. Configure client agents
2.2. Configure site boundaries
2.3. Configure core site system roles
2.4. Configure discovery methods
2.5. Configure client installation
2.6. Configure SCCM infrastructure for internet-based client management
3. Managing resources
3.1. Build an SCCM collection using queries
3.2. Mater software usage
3.3. Manage assets
3.4. Manage inventory flow
3.5. Identify unhealthy clients
4. Distributing Applications
4.1. Manage packages
4.2. Manage Progreams
4.3. Manage adverts
4.4. Schedule distribution
4.5. Track success/failure for distributions
4.6. Manage distribution points
5. Deploying operating systems
5.1. Capture reference computer image
5.2. Mange task sequences
5.3. Configure site system roles related to operating system deployment
5.4. Deploy operating system packages
5.5. Customise state migration
5.6. Deliver applications
6. Securing a network infrastructure
6.1. Configure Network Access Protection (NAP)
6.2. Maintain NAP
6.3. Migrate ITMU to WSUS
6.4. Deploy software updates
6.5. Manage vulnrability compliance
7. Manageinang and maintaining an SCCM infrastructure
7.1. Manage system health
7.2. Configure automatic maintenance tasks
7.3. Create custom reports
7.4. Maintain clients
7.5. Manage systems by using Desired Configuration Management
7.6. Manage Wake On LAN
The candidates for this exam are:

  • Use ConfigMgr to mange and deploy software and asset management.
  • Have 1+ years experience of SMS.
  • Have working knowledge of new features of ConfigMgr.
  • Experience using AD and Windows Server System.