More Windows Home Server Videos

Last night I was playing around with Windows Home Server and I found out that it’s the perfect solution at my parents home. At their home there are five (!!) pc’s even they’re only with the three of them. My father and my brother both have a pc and a laptop (my mother thinks one pc is enough) and share their documents over the netwerk, but the major problem they right now have is that if they wanna access documents on the pc from their laptop the pc’s should stay on. So a central server is a solution, but Windows Server 2003 (or even Windows SBS 2003) isn’t to complicated for them.

A few months ago I looked at the Beta versions of Windows Home Server and already got excited, but when I created a testlab on my pc even my father immediately asked ‘Where can I buy Windows Home Server?‘ (too bad it’s not available in Dutch, his English isn’t that good 🙂 ). I showed him how easy it is to connect your pc to the Home Server. Next I showed how easy it is to create a backup and restore the backup again.

To make you guys enthousiastic and happy I recorded the video’s and let’s go crazy….HERE they are (just click the play button(s) below).

Connecting the Vista PC to Windows Home Server

Create a backup of the Vista PC (from Windows Home Server)

Restore Windows Vista with the RestorePC CD