SCOM 2007 : Live Maps for Operations Manager 2007

Maarten of the blog techlog wrote the following interesting story about SCOM 2007 :

Along with my good friend Stefan Stranger, I’ve been testing Live Maps for Operations Manager 2007 from Savision for some time now and I must say it’s a killer app for OpsMgr 2007. With Live Maps you can create your own fully configurable Maps and place OpsMgr objects on those Maps. Turn your existing Visio diagram into a live monitoring map. How cool is that? And finally alerts and state view together in one view:

OpsMgrConsoleWithDiagramAnd OpsMgrConsoleWithFlowchart

Create Live Maps from any imaginable background
Use existing diagrams, floor plans and run books to quickly add relevant maps to OpsMgr 2007.
Over 300 geographical maps included
Live maps comes with a complete set of geographical maps, including a world map, continents, countries and US states.

Simple drag and drop interface
A drag and drop based authoring console ensures easy map creation and change.

OpsMgrConsoleWithRack OpsMgrConsoleWithWorldMap

Full access to all OpsMgr functionality
Run object-sensitive management pack tasks from any map. Launch Health Explorer from any problematic object. Activate maintenance mode for a complete region in a single-click.
Adheres to OpsMgr build-in security
Use OpsMgr’s build-in security model to grant and deny access to maps. Use OpsMgr’s build-in scoping functionality to only show relevant objects and alerts.
Enhanced Alert Awareness
Objects blink when Operator attention is required. Live maps provides a Microsoft Outlook style alert view; highlighting new alerts as they come in. Embed critical escalation and contact information.

Live Maps will be launched at TechEd IT Forum 2007. Interested? Check out their demo or visit their stand at IT Forum Barcelona.