Update #2 Windows Server 2008 Beta Exam Result : 99% in customer hands

As of today I still don’t have the results for the 70-649 (71-649) exam, but the update on Trika’s blog tells us that 99% should have the results!

This is the update Trika posted on her blog today :

It is my understanding that 71-648 has now been scored by both VUE and Prometric, the mailed resports started sending out yesterday (but scores should be showing up with your provider and in your MSFT transcript now). 71-649 was finished by Prometric on Monday morning, so that’s why you’re seeing results with them. Mailed reports to go out later this week and your MSFT transcript should show your results within 48 hours-ish (by Wednesday mid-day or so). 71-649 was on track to complete scoring at VUE by yesterday close of business (which is why those scores are still outstanding). We heard that there are a few buggy reports on both exams with Prometric, so if you have NOT gotten your score – please don’t spin your wheels calling the helpdesks. SIt tight (i know it is painful!) for a few days–Prometric is working on those reports and will publish the scores as soon as they are able. We will not send a status e-mail, at this point, since the scores are 99% in customer hands now.

So I still have to sit tight for a few more days…if that is what it takes to PASS the exam, no problem at all!! I totally freak out when I’ve FAILED the exam….
We’ll see in just a few more days…..Why am I so impatient…