Update : Windows Server 2008 Beta Exam (70-649 only?) Results Delayed

Still no results on the Prometric and VUE pages..

As far as I know only people who did the 70-649 (71-649) don’t have the results yet. Last friday I heard that there was some problem with the data-transfer from Microsoft to Promectric/VUE and today Trika is confirming that information on her website

Trika updated her blog again today with some relevant information :

I’m embarrased that you’re still on hold for your results. Not because we owe results on a certain day (as much as we plan to have results out on or before the live date, there are a lot of steps and pieces and it is a beta, with some unknowns…) but because we do owe you straightforward, accurate communication about what’s going on. And we haven’t managed that here. I’m sorry about that. The current situation is that we screwed up some kind of data transfer, which held up scoring. There should not be any problems with the scoring – just the delay that you have, obviously, already noticed. It was supposed to be addressed by November 2, but clearly was not. I won’t put forth another date until i’m 100% confident that it is right. We will send an e-mail to everyone affected so people know what is going on.

If you would like your 40% upgrade savings code, “a reliable, rosy-cheeked, kind-of-tired-after-the-weekend source close to the team” tells me you should get a notice about that tomorrow.

In other words : We should receive an e-mail today about the data-transfer-screw-up.