Live WebCast : Windows Server 2008 Certification

In just one hour their will be a Live webcast about the Windows Server 2008 Certification stuff. I will be there too 🙂

Trika blogged about it just last monday on her blog. There also will be a session later on today (but that’s too late for me because it will be 2am over here).

I hope you can come to Wednesday’s Live Meeting. Please tell other people, too.

Who should attend:

  • Server-certified individuals (NT, 2000, 2003 or MCP)
  • not certified but working with W Server
  • would like to work with W Server!

What we will talk about: Rob Linsky and Jim Clark, both from the certification team (product manager and product planner) will be presenting

  • review and update on the new certifications and upgrade paths
  • update on availability of related training
  • what the exams cover
  • guidance on what you can do next (what exam/what cert, depending on where you are now)
  • We will also touch on Server and… messaging, security, virtualization, MCSA vs. MCSE vs. MCITP, MCTS vs. MCP… etc….

How to register: