UPDATED : I finally received the 71-649 score report

70-649-Scorereport-small Today I finally received the score report for the 71-649! Thnx George for the help receiving it!But something strange is going on….check out the passing score below! Just 34 points, isn’t that strange?
Can anyone tell me how things work with the beta exams and the passing scores?

UPDATE (Jan., 21st) : I contacted Prometric today and they told me that only Microsoft could give me the proper score and that the passing score of 34 is the score Microsoft gave them before the exam went live. They only could print out the score reports after the exam gone live (somewhere in October 2007). After that they transferred my call to Microsoft, but they couldn’t give me the correct score either. The woman at the phone told me that I passed, that’s all the could tell me. Maybe George or Trika has any idea about getting the correct score (something 700+)…