MCITP Windows Server 2008 Exam Experience

Sander told me that he has found some info about the upcoming (for me at least) Windows Server 2008 exams (the 71-646 & 71-647). Lukas Beeler took both the exams and below you can see what the main subject were :

First some info about the 70-647 a.k.a. 71-647 :

A few days ago i posted that I will attend the 70-647 and 70-646 betas.

But luckily i was able to shuffle the 70-647 date back into this year – so i attended the 70-647 (Windows Server 2008, Enterprise Administrator) this morning.

I’m currently not in Horgen, so i attended the exam at a different Prometric testing center – this time at Alpha Solutions – the room was well lit, an older 15″ TFT at 1024×768, and a PC with acceptable performance. I was even provided a free drink.

So, what was in the exam?

This was an exam in the Pro-Series, so there were very few directly technical questions which required a direct answers – almost all questions focused on design or which tool to use.

  • I’ve had many questions related to the usage of RODC, on their placement and which “parent” domain controllers they need, etc.
  • A lot of question centered around applications and how they can be deployed – the answers usually involved GPO deployment, Softgrid Application Virtualization and of course Terminal Servers
  • NAP was of course extensively covered, plus placement of remote access servers and NAP servers in a network
  • Remote access and all of its possibilities (L2TP, PPTP, SSTP, TS Gateway, RPC over HTTP)
  • The usual Active Directory design questions, which have gotten a bit more complex (Three functional levels: 2000, 2003, 2008)

There were no simulations, but i encountered a single Drag&Drop question. There were a lot more exhibits than in the TS exams, a few questions were worded awkwardly, but I didn’t find a question which I thought i answered wrong. I’m a lot more confident that I passed this exam than 70-649.

And some info about the 70-646 a.k.a. 71-646 :

A few days after i did 70-647, i attended 70-646.

My biggest worry was if Microsoft was able to really create distinguishing exams between the Enterprise Administrator and the Server Administrator part – and i think it worked out really well.

I attended this exam at BCD Sintrag, which isn’t my usual testing location either. Service was okay, no free drinks though.

The shift in focus on the Server Administrator exam is quite visible:

  • There was a lot regarding to storage design and configuration – RAID levels, iSCSI, VDS, IO MultiPathing, iSCSI, FibreChannel
  • Permissions, permissions, more permissions – Active Directory delegation and delegation of administrative privileges on servers
  • The usual Terminal Server questions, and also several RAS questions (VPN, PPTP, SSTP, L2TP, TS Gateway, etc.)
  • PKI questions till you puke – make sure to know about the PKI changes in Vista SP1 and how to administrate bigger PKI environments
  • No design questions!
  • A few firewall / IP configuration questions
  • DHCP and a few basic subnetting questions

With this, i’ve got the two new MCITP exams done. Yay.

So enough to study for the next few days….