Windows Server 2008 RTM Available for download at TechNET Plus Direct


I was browsing the TechNet Plus Direct Software library tonight when I saw something strange. For the last couple of months you could download the several RC-versions of Windows Server 2008. Since January, 4th only the following version is available :

I downloaded the ISO file and installed it. As you can see the nasty Evaluation text in the right lower corner isn’t available on the new installed version.

Evaluation copy text as shown on the RC versions

Click on the image below to see the full image. It’s a screenshot from a Virtual Machine I installed tonight. I rebooted the machine several times, but as you can see no Evaluation copy screen. The only thing I can’t place is the Service Pack 1 on the System Properties screen.

Click for a full version

If you want to download the final version of Windows Server 2008, just logon to your  TechNET Subscriber Download page.


UPDATE : It’s indeed the Windows Server 2008 RTM Version as we can read on the TechNet Plus blog.