RemoteApps are really Cool!


As you probably read a few days ago I installed Windows Server 2008 with Hyper-V. To get a bit familiar with Hyper-V I installed an complete Windows Server 2008 environment in the last few days. An environment isn’t an environment without a Windows client, so I also installed Windows Vista Ultimate (as a Hyper-V Virtual Machine).

Just for the record : The specs :

Role : Hyper-V Host
Windows Server 2008 Enterprise with Hyper-V x64
Core2Duo E6600
4 GB Memory
2 x 320 GB HD in RAID 0
1 x 250 GB HD

Hyper-V Virtual Machines :
OS : Windows Server 2008 Enterprise x64
Role : Windows 2008 Domain Controller

OS : Windows Server 2008 Enterprise x64
Role : SQL Server 2008

OS : Windows Server 2008 Enterprise x64
Role : Management Server

OS : Windows Server 2008 Enterprise x64
Role : Terminal Server / RemoteApps

OS : Windows Vista Ultimate SP1 x64
Role : Windows Client

Yesterday evening I finalized my Terminal Server installation with the result that I now can access my primary (yeah..Newsleecher is my most used App.) applications through TS Web Access. It’s really cool that I now only need a webbrowser (and offcourse RemoteDesktop) to run my applications.


I know, it’s not a really large environment, but it’s running on a single host 🙂 Within the next few weeks I will add more servers so I can expand my environment with some more functionality. The next server(s) will run my Forefront environment so I also have an anti-virus solution available.