Vista or Windows Server 2008 Hyper-V

You probably know that it’s (for now) not possible to run Hyper-V from a VMachine (like you can run VMWare ESX from a VMWare Workstation VMachine). Because I only have one (if I don’t count my laptop) machine that has the right hardware to run Hyper-V I decided that my superfast Vista Ultimate machine has to be reinstalled as a Windows Server 2008 Enterprise Edition machine with Hyper-V. That’s because I want to get familiar with Hyper-V, etc.

I’m installing Windows Server 2008 as we speak and it looks like the installation is already finished (within 10 minutes 🙂 ), don’t you really love Win2k8!

When Windows Server 2008 is installed all the way I’m going to install the Hyper-V role and after that I’m going to install Windows Vista (as a VMachine). So when I want to download something from usenet or read my e-mail I have a client installed to use for it.

 Click to see the full image

Right know I’m installing Windows Server 2008 and Windows Vista as guests on my Hyper-V machine (Click on the image for the full image).