Bug or not? When installing the FCS Database Roles in a five server topology

Yesterday I was installing a Forefront Client Security Custom-Three-Server-Topology (I’ll explain later what I mean with a C.T.S.T.). When I’m done describing my problem I will give you guys a How-To.

Because in this topology both the Collection and Reporting database roles are installed on a dedicated MS SQL Server you have to start the Forefront Client Security setup on the SQL Server. Offcourse I first installed the prerequisites before I started the FCS installation. To be completely honest one of my colleagues installed the SQL Server, so I only had to check if al the prerequisites were installed. They were installed so I could start the installation.

Issue / Problem / Error
When all the Verifying Settings and Requirements were passed successfully and the installation started (see the screen above), it just gave an error on the first installation step Install the Collection Database. At first (checking the logfiles) I didn’t really got a clue, but when I checked the eventlog and saw the following error message I knew where to look.


When I checked the existence of the D:Program FilesMicrosoft SQL ServerMSSQL.1MSSQLData folder it didn’t exist. After asking my colleague where the databases on the SQL Server where located he answered that they were moved the another partition. During the setup there was just one place where I could enter an installation location and that’s where the Forefront Client Security needs to be installed (in my situation it was D:Program Files…).

This is what the original Microsoft ‘Installing Client Security on a five-server toplogy‘ says about the location where the SQL Databases where located : ‘Database files associated with Client Security will be installed in the location you specified when installing SQL Server.’ So when you install SQL and move the databases at a later moment, you’ll be sure that you have a problem when installing the FCS Database roles!

Of course there is a solution/workaround for this problem : Just create the folder structure FCS expects and then afterwards let the SQL Administrator move the databases to the same location where the other databases are located.


I’m not sure if it’s a FCS or a ‘wrong-way-of-moving-sql-database’ bug, but when you run into the same problem, there will be a proper solution available.