My Good Old Windows Server 2008 Beta 3

Somewhere in the summer of 2007 I installed my first Windows Server 2008 machine. It was the Beta 3 version and as you can see, the time to upgrade or remove the machine has come.

Lucky me I already build my new Windows Server 2008 environment so is it just unplug the bastard? No way. Because in the Beta 3 days Hyper-V  wasn’t available (at least not on my test-machine), I installed VMWare Server to virtualize my Windows 2003 machine. Because Exchange Server isn’t quite suitable for my home environment (not enough hardware 🙂 ) I choose to install Alt-N’s MDaemon a few years ago.

The main reason was (compared to Exchange) the small amount of resources it used. And now in 2008 (with a Dual Core machine with a lot of memory) it’s still MDaemon, just because it’s so easy to administer!

So before I could unplug the expire-in-2-days-Beta-3-machine I had to move the e-mailserver to my new Hyper-V environment. How I did it? Just check out my ‘How-To : Install MDaemon e-mailserver on a Windows Server 2008 Core’ post.