Important Update : Performance Based Testing Pilot Exam (70-113)

Last week I told you guys about the new Performance Based Testing Pilot Exam for which I received an invitation. Because I was not able to schedule an exam (because I live in the Netherlands) I e-mailed Jim Clark, who initially e-mailed the invitation, asking him when (and if) the exam will become available in Europe. As you can read in the comments of the former post the exam isn’t available in Great Britain, Switzerland, Belgium, Germany and the Netherlands (at least!).

It’s available….
Today I received an answer in which Jim told me that there has been a issue with the Prometric scheduling system (that now has been corrected). So if the exam wasn’t available to you last week, you should check again because it’s available NOW (at least) in the Netherlands.


…but you can’t schedule an exam
That is : It’s shows up in the exam list, but in the Netherlands there are no testing centers (yet) where you can take the exam. Jim told me that new testings centers will be added every day, so if you want to attend the exam just check the Prometric website the next couple of days


Another chance in a few weeks
If you’re not able to attend the exam in this pilot period (runs till July 9th), there will be another chance in a few weeks when Microsoft will run the final test phase. Prometric is adding 1000 test centers worldwide that will support this testing format moving into the next phase.