MCP: Performance Based Testing Pilot Exam (70-113)

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Today I received an invitation to register for the new performance based testing pilot exam 70-113 : TS: Windows Server 2008 Active Directory, Configuring.

While trying to register for the exam I found out that the exam is not available (yet) in the Netherlands, so can’t attend the exam. But you probably wondering (just like me) what a Performance based test is. The e-mail I received tells us the following about the new exam type :

Microsoft Learning is testing a new Performance Based testing system that will be integrated into the existing certification programs in order to better evaluate and validate candidates’ skills using Microsoft products and technologies.

The Performance Based testing method we are piloting is an exam which emulates a Windows Server 2008 infrastructure. In this infrastructure you will be tasked with completing a series of tasks. Once complete, the system will evaluate each tasks end-state to determine if the tasks have been completed and correctly implemented. This process is different from simulations because you will have every tool and path available that you would normally have in a real world scenario. Simulations restrict you to a small number of expected paths, whereas emulations allow for any path, as long as the end result is correct.

This pilot exam will not provide you with a score as with normal beta exams. This pilot is a test of the exam experience, delivery system and infrastructure, so only a portion of the final exam will be presented to you during this pilot. This pilot exam will not be added to your transcript and you will need to take the exam in its released form in order to be awarded the credential.

So in normal English : This way you can really show Microsoft what you know, because you are really working in a emulated environment. Let’s hope this method ends cheating (Testking, etc.).