More about Microsoft Certified Master


A few weeks ago I posted about the Microsoft Certified Master program which will start early next year. Today Trika (or should I say Per?) came with some more info about the program. The most interesting of that pots is the announcement of a Live Meeting about the Microsoft Certified Master program. So if you want to know more about it, you can join the meeting and ask your questions there :

Offcourse I can give you some more (short) info, but you better can read the whole story at Trika’s blog, because there’s a lot of it :

The programs are appropriate for those individuals who are highly experienced and highly specialized on one particular product and spend the majority of their time designing, building and troubleshooting solutions built on that product.

  • The programs provide the deepest technical training available via top subject matter experts, and will validate individuals via rigorous ‘written’ and lab based exams.
  • The programs consist of 3 weeks of mandatory training, 3 computer based tests, and one lab based exam.

By the way, we are coming to market with the following ‘flavors’, i.e. tracks:

  • Microsoft Certified Master: Exchange Server 2007
  • Microsoft Certified Master: SQL Server 2008
  • Microsoft Certified Master: Windows Server 2008 – Directory

And will shortly thereafter add:

  • Microsoft Certified Master: Office Communications Server 2007
  • Microsoft Certified Master: SharePoint Server 2007