The Mojave Experiment


The last few days several websites were talking about the Mojave Experiment with which Microsoft wanted to persuade customers who disliked Windows Vista at first to become real Vista fans.

Today I read a nice article MS Minded (a Dutch Microsoft related blog) about the experimen. At first I thought the test subjects where all journalists, but as we can read (if you can read the Dutch language) at MS Minded (and also the Mojave Experiment website) the test subjects where arbitrary selected in the streets of San Fransisco.

A small quote from MS Minded :

The experiment started by picking innocent guides of the streets in San Fransisco. Only the people that were still using Windows XP (they don’t want to use Vista, although they’ve heard about it) were selected.

You can check out the reactions of the testing subjects at (90% of the contestants were impressed by Windows Vista!)