Let’s try Internet Explorer 8 Beta 2


It has been released some time ago (on our wedding day to be precise Aug. 28th), but I haven’t been able to install it yet.

No I am….so let’s see what’s nice about IE8! The first thing that catches my eye are the different colored tabs. This only happens when you are on a webpage and open a link on that page in a new tab. It looks something like the picture below.


Another thing that’s kinda nice is when you open a new tab you’ll see an overview of the tabs you closed since you started Internet Explorer.


Another thing, that was already in Beta 1, is the bold domainname in the addressbar.


And the last thing I noticed is that every opened tab gets its own process in the Windows Task Manager!

This beta 2 version is much better than the Beta 1 I installed back in March and all of my add-ons and websites I tried work the way they should! So all of you guys…let’s give it a try!