Live at Tech-ED IT Professionals 2008


As I told you guys a few weeks ago, I’ll be part of the TechED hype this year! Next week I’ll be blogging live at Tech-ED in Barcelona. Sunday evening we (Eric, Andy and myself) will arrive at Barcelona Airport.

It’s gonna be a busy week, even if we’re only going to visit the parties every night… 🙂 Last Friday (ehh..that’s today) Andy told me Microsoft added some interesting sessions to the Session Builder, so now we can choose from more then 600 (!) different sessions. I’ll updated my schedule with some interesting sessions about the upcoming Windows 7!

So next week you can certainly expect some Windows 7 info over here! Because of the current project I’m in (Designing/Implementing Windows Essential Business Server 2008), I will also attend a few Windows EBS 2008 sessions. And because I mainly focus on Forefront Security and Microsoft Deployment I will also attend some of the sessions about the new Forefront version and some deployment sessions!

Did I tell you that I’m running Windows 7 at my laptop at the moment?! 🙂 It’s really cool! Let’s hope we get a serial key at Tech-Ed (the version I’m running is only a 30days trail version :-().

A lot of good stuff to come as you can read! So, now I’m going to pack my suitcase and prepare for next week!