Windows 7 : Cool Stuff


Windows 7 contains a lot of cool features. I hear some of you say ‘We don’t want cool features, we just want a fast operating system.’ There are just a few cool new things I want to share with you guys.

The thing I want to start with is the taskbar. No, the Start Button hasn’t returned. The new taskbar in Windows 7 shows each applications as a graphic thumbnail. You can also place every program exactly where  you want it on the taskbar. If you hover the mouse over the thumbnail, the window expands to a full-screen preview. Icon’s are a bit bigger so you can easily select them using the touch features in Windows 7.


Aero Desktop
The more windows you open, the more time you need managing them. Everybody knows where I’m talking about then you have to close ten (or more) windows to see the desktop. Windows 7 let’s you look behind all the windows by hovering your mouse to the far-right side of the Windows Taskbar. All the open windows become transparent and you can see your desktop.

Windows 7 Desktop

Windows Explorer & Libraries
In Windows 7 also the explorer has some new cool features. On of the features I like most is definitely Libraries feature. With Windows 7 Libraries you can have a library that spans all the locations where you can store pictures, videos, music or documents. You can edit, search them the way you would they were located in a single folder. So you don’t have to remember exactly where you stored a particular picture or video or search all the different locations. Libraries also help you avoid storing multiple copies of the same pictures or videos.

All the locations where you store your pictures or videos can be referenced in a Library so you can browse and search them as one folder. Windows 7 automatically creates Libraries for items such as Documents, Music, Pictures and Videos. You can also create Libraries of your own. For example,


The Ribbon
The ribbon (as seen in Microsoft Office 2007) will also be used in Paint and Wordpad.


Cool Tools
In Windows 7 are some other cool (enhanced) tools. Calculator has a new look and some new features. You can now easily calculate dates and convert units. Another (new) application is Sticky Notes. Sticky Notes support ink and text input.


Home Network
Most of the households have more than one pc. Most of you know it’s not always easy to share files (or even a printer) with each other. HomeGroup, a new feature in Windows 7, will make sharing files easy. Computers running Windows 7 will identify and connect with each other automatically. Once you’re connected to a HomeGroup your printer will automatically be shared with all the pc’s in your home. You can also store digital photos on one computer and easily access them from another pc anywhere in your home.

When you join a HomeGroup, you will immediately see other computers listed under the HomeGroup node in the Windows Explorer navigation pane. You can access Libraries shared from another computer just like it’s on your own drive. HomeGroup also has support for computers that are joined to a domain. By default a domain-joined computer can’t share files with others in the HomeGroup. IT Pro’s can control how HomeGroup works with Group Policy, so you can’t accidentily give members of your family access to the confidential data that is stored on the company laptop (which is domain-joined).

Wireless Devices
Windows 7 supports several new wireless devices like Bluetooth 2.1 devices, Ultra Wideband (UWB) and Wireless USB  (WUSB) devices.

Windows Connect Now (WCN)
Windows supports Wi-fi Protected Setup (at last!) to reduce the complex method of setting up connection to the wireless router (or access point). Connecting to a wireless network was never this easy!

Devices and Printers
With Devices and Printers you have a single place of access to all of your connected and wireless devices. You can manage settings, browse files or simply interact with them. Afther the device is connected, you’ll see it in the Device and Printers folder.

The Device and Printers folder offers you a central location to interact with all of your print, fax and scan devices, replacing the multiple locations you had to go to manage those functions in the past.

Multiple locations, Multiple Printers
Most of my readers know the problem : At work you use Printer A as default and at home Printer B is the default printer. Windows 7 now selects your default printer depending on the network you’re connected too. So when you’re at work you’ll always print through Printer A and when you’re at home you’ll always print through Printer B.

Windows Touch
One the coolest features of Windows 7 is probably the support for multi-touch. A feature which is already available on The Surface device.