Installation Issue with EBS 2008 Security Server


During the installation of Windows Essential Business Server I ran into a problem during the installation of the Security Server. I received the error you see below, and the event viewer didn’t help my out there. The error I received was the following (see the image below) : Cannot find a certificate installed in the local certificate store.

Cannot find a certificate installed in the local certificate store error

Too bad (for me) even Google didn’t helped me with answers. But I did the installation earlier, almost the same way (yeah..I did say almost)! During my earlier attempt (in the demo environment during the preparation for this implementation) I used the same domainname for the Active Directory domain and Remote Access (for remote access I added a hostname of course!). During this installation I used a domain.local for the Active Directory domainname, but uses a domain.tld for the remote access url.

The environment needs to be accessible from the outside….this is wrong. Why isn’t it possible to popup and error when you use different domain name for the AD and for remote access….?

It’s good to know that the solution for the error is pretty easy (when you know what the solution is)… now we can continue with the installation of the Messaging Server!

Solution : When you’re installing EBS 2008…use the same domain name for AD and remote access. So only domain.local and remote.domain.local or domain.tld and remote.domain.tld.