Microsoft Tag a nice app for your mobile


Everybody with a touch screen mobile knows what I’m talking about, when I tell you it’s really annoying when you have to type tekst on your touch screen!

What is Microsoft tag?
Microsoft has created a new nice tool for your mobile device (with camera!) : Microsoft Tag!
I see you thinking ? What is Microsoft Tag? It’s a small application with which you can easily, by using your camera, access all kinds of information. To use it you only have to download and install the application to your Mobile device. Download the application by simple pointing your mobile browser to

How do I use it?
When you fire up the application you only have to snap a tag. When the application detects the tag, it just opens the webpage, or shows you the vcard associated with the tag. For example : create a tag of the vCard type and when snapped, print it on the back of your business cards. The next time someone needs your contact information, simply let them snap the back of your business card and with a simple action they have your contactinfo in their mobile phone (without typing all the info, or have you e-mail them your vCard).

You can even add an end date to the tag, so if you’re pointing the tag to a webpage with an you can simple let the tag expire when needed.

Snap the tags below for a few examples. In random order they open up the mobile version of my blog, show you a text or show you my vCard.


Download Microsoft Tag
Java 2 Micro Edition
Symbian S60
Symbian S60 1st Edit
Symbian S60 2nd Edit
Symbian S60 3rd Edit
Windows Mobile

Or visit from your mobile device!