Can I still Send Feedback with Windows 7 RC?


With the Public Beta of Windows 7 it was very easy to submit feedback. This was mainly because of the Send Feedback button which you could find in every window. In the newer builds (and the RC also) the Send Feedback button in every window has been removed.

If you would like to send feedback, you can use the Send Feedback button on the desktop (I’m not sure if it’s still possible with the RC build), but if you removed the shortcut you can simply use the steps below to start the Send Feedback tool again!

Step 1 : Start the Run command by opening the Start menu and enter Run (followed by enter). (You can also start Run by opening the Start menu and browsing to All Programs –> Accessoiries)


Step 2 : Enter the following command (without the quotes!) followed by enter:
rundll32.exe FeedbackTool.dll, ShowWizard”


Step 3 : The Send an issue report application is now loaded. Just enter your Windows Live ID and send the feedback!