Will Windows 7 be as populair as it’s (beta) exam?


You maybe have read about it, but yesterday (April 27) was the day you could register for the Windows 7, Configuring Beta exam (71-680). Somebody compared the exam with the concert of a famous pop star : All seats booked in an hour!

Because the exam was so popular and almost everybody from Europe and America were unable to register, Microsoft chose to open up the registration again and (I quote JSeymour on the Beta Exams blog) ‘I then *quadrupled* the number of beta slots we normally have and you still burned through those in several hours.’

Still a lot of peers were unable to register for the beta exam, but Microsoft is now expecting more data then they can crunch before the release. So all you guys/girls that are attending the exam, of course you’re all giving a lot of comments on the exam, but do me a favor. Please (just to do Krista W. a favor :-)) place a ‘Helmer says hi to Krista W.’ text in one of your comments….thanks in advance!! Of course I do expect that all the other comments are of the serious kind!

(Let’s see how many of my readers are attending the exam :-))

  • Pieter

    Yup.. attending. Got in on the 2nd batch. Total amount of slots were 1200 by then (heard that from a trusted MS learning source)

  • @Pieter : Oke…that’s not much. I was expecting more slots. Heard from a MS Learning person that this time 4x as much slots were available then normal….

  • Pieter

    Guess that normally only 300 slots are available. I can’t believe that. And I even find 1200 to be on the very very low end.

    Maybe that person was talking about the numbers for the Netherlands? I don’t know if they specify the slots on a country basis….

  • 300 is indeed a very small number for a worldwide seat availability 🙂

    No they don’t specify slots on a country basis….they have to add slots to a lot of countries wouldn’t they? I’ll ask my MS Learning contact if I see her online again…

  • Freddy

    I’ll be there too (CANADA), also got in on the second batch, thanks for the advice on preparation, we’ll see if it is more challenging than the vista exam was.

    Good luck 🙂