WordPress Widget : WebSlice Recent Posts

With this plugin you can make your website/blog WebSlice-proof. I see you thinking, wtf is a WebSlice? It’s a feature of the new Microsoft Internet Explorer 8! A really cool feature I think.

Just visit this Microsoft webpage to read all about the WebSlice functionality in Internet Explorer 8.

How do I use/install the plugin?
To install the plugin, just download it, extract it and upload the webslice-recent-posts folder (and it’s content) to your website’s wp-adminplugins folder and enable it through your own WordPress Dashboard.

To use the plugin with your website just add the WebSlice Recent Posts widget to your sidebar. The functionality is exactly the same as the default Recent Posts widget, but with the WebSlice functionality!

Note: It’s my first WordPress plugin, so please be nice if you leave a comment.

Download WebSlice Recent Posts