XPM + VMWare Workstation = VM Crash

A few weeks ago I bought a Windows Home Server. Really cool stuff btw! Because I’m a bit lazy (and of course because I’m an IT Pro!) I had the idea of digitizing my entire original DVD collection so I can play the movies through my HomeServer/XBOX 360 without inserting the dvd in the dvd-player. Because I’m Dutch I want the movies to have the Dutch subtitles (if available) and of course with Dolby Digital 5.1. There not that much of applications that can do the job in a single click. This weekend I ran into a program called ImTOO DVD Ripper Ultimate, as far as I can say for now a really nice working program. Too bad you need Windows Media Player 10 (Why doesn’t it work with 11 or 12?) to convert your dvd’s into WMV’s with DD 5.1 audio.

ImTOO DVD Ripper Ultimate 5

This is where (I thought) XPM could be handy! In this ‘virtual environment’ I could run Media Player 10 and so still use the WMV with DD 5.1 format to convert my dvd’s!

Microsoft doesn’t like VMWare Workstation (I think :)) because when I started my Virtual Windows XP my VMWare Virtual Machines just crashed with the error message below.


When I click OK my VMWare Workstation VM is just turned off.

Note : I know what caused the issue, but wouldn’t it be nice if Microsoft or VMWare just showed a warning when the other application is running so the virtual machines don’t crash! Just reported the issue to Microsoft…