Fixed Live.Everything


Back in 2007 I created a page on which you could register an e-mailbox with one of the many Live domains. Now, almost 1 1/2 years later the ‘original’ links doesn’t seem to work anymore (Thanks Jay!). So I decided to fix all the links at the Create @Live.** Mailbox page.

If you want to create your own Live e-mailbox with an extension other than the one in your own country, you can use one of the links on the Create @Live.** Mailbox  page. Please let me know if a link isn’t working (just leave a comment), and I will fix it (again).

The original links were quiet easy to figure out. It was a whole job to search for all the different country registration url’s, but I found them. They were in the format :[language-code]/mail/overview, but since some time this format forwards you to the download page.

Today I fixed all the links and they’re now in the following format :[language-code]

If you are aware of a Country that’s not yet in my lits, please let me know so I can add it to the list.