Springboard : Managing Windows 7 with DISM


Today I read a really interesting article from Justin Rodino at the Springboard Series blog. In this article Justin describes how you can use DISM (Deployment Image Servicing and Management Tool) to manage (and deploy) your images.

A small quote :

DISM – the Deployment Imaging Servicing and Management Tool is a new part of Windows 7 that has been created to help you manage (and deploy) images with greater ease. Previous versions of Windows included tools such as:

  • ImageX – a tool which allowed you to mount offline images
  • Pkgmgr – A device driver and package manager
  • PEImg – A WindowsPE Utility to prepare images once edited with pkgmgr
  • Intlcfg – An International Settings Configuration Tool

All of the above tools have very specific feature sets, but using these makes modifying and changing the created images very cumbersome. The first problem naturally was which tool to use when.  Once you figured this out, you had to go through a series of steps in order to get the image mounted – of which you could only do “offline” – and when completed you had to recompile or re-make the new image you wished to deploy.  With DISM, all of these tools become one and even better – you can do certain things to an “online” or live image.  What we’re going to do is take a quick look at DISM, get some information about our current installation as well as service it, whilst using it.


Read the whole article at the Springboard Series blog.