7Huizen : Preparing To Deploy 777x Windows 7 At Zevenhuizen (Seven Houses)

Today is the big day for Zevenhuizen. Microsoft and Guidion are deploying 777 computers with Windows 7! I arrived around 9am in the city. As you can see on the picture below Zevenhuizen is al dressed up to be deployed :-).

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Very nice is that the city of Zevenhuizen is near Leek (The Dutch word ‘Leek’  can best be translated as ‘an unexperienced person’ ).


Right now the environment is being prepared so the computers can be deployed at the Verenigingsgebouw in Zevenhuizen so everything is ready when the deployment starts around 11:30am.

The guys from Guidion setting up the deployment spots.

Tony is checking out the server

We are being briefed.

The guys from Guidion are being instructed.

Windows 7 cakes