TechNet Live : The Photo’s

I can tell you how great TechNet Live has been, or I could tell you all about the technical sessions….but I won’t. That’s just because there was nothing much new to tell. They only session (I attended) which brought me some new stuff was the session by Paul Thurrott. He had a promotional talk about his new book Windows 7 Secrets. I only can show you pictures of the sessions I attended and if you count right you can see that I skipped one session (the one after the lunch break) because I had a nice talk with the MVP’s at the Ask the Experts booth.

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Daniel van Soest and Tony Krijnen

Tony and Daniel invited a man and a woman from the audience. The asked them to perform a live Windows XP to Windows 7 upgrade on a Acer Netbook. After the demonstration they could keep the Netbook!


Some LoadFest Officials…

The network almost couldn’t handle the load. It was very busy as you can see!

Danny Burlage (from Wortell) and Paul Thurrott (from the SuperSite for Windows)

A video  close up of Paul Thurrott

Paul is throwing some USB sticks into the audience

Hmm……who the fuck is this?

Two of my fellow Dutch MViP’s: Eric Denekamp and Alex de Jong