Update : Want a free copy of Windows 7 Ultimate? Attend Tech-Ed Europe 2009!


Just a month after the Dutch TechNet Live event it’s time for the yearly Tech Ed Europe event! This time it’s not in the beautiful Barcelona, but in the German capital Berlin! Personally I think it will be one hell of an event!

Mainly because at this years edition there will be three major products which has just been released. Last week I received a newsletter about the event. Just like last year you will receive a one year TechNet Plus subscription (value $349 dollar) and a one year free subscription to Tech-Ed Online for free! New this year is the MMS 2009 DVD set containing all the breakout sessions.

Last but not least every attendee will receive a Full copy of Windows 7 Professional Ultimate (for free!). I wish I could be part of all the Berlin fun, but for know I’m not sure if I will be able to attend this years event!

I can promise you one thing : If I will attend the event….you can follow me through my blog. (just like last year during TechEd EMEA 2008…and during the upcoming TechNet Live event in the Netherlands)

Update : @Teched_Europe Updated us via Twitter : You dont receive Windows 7 Pro, but Windows 7 Ultimate!