The New Cool ‘Online’ Features of Office 2010

If you have a TechNet or MSDN Subscription and didn’t download Office 2010 already, you really should go and download it! Most of the features that were already in the ‘old’ Office versions are there of course, but I discovered (thanks Peter for tips about PowerPoint!). Some of the features are already discussed at several other websites, but I still will mention them. I also added a nice video at the end which shows the new Vortex transition possibilities…

You can now save your documents directly to your SkyDrive. Instead of clicking Save (or Save As) select Publish when you want to save your document.
The first time you click the Save to SkyDrive button you have to logon to your SkyDrive account. When logged on you will see the folders in which you can save your document.
When I tried to save a document in the My Blog folder it seems that it’s not possible to save your document in a subfolder, but maybe this will be fixed in the final version.

Too bad it’s not possible to open the document from your SkyDrive, at least not from Word. You can though surf to and click the document to open it. When you click on the document in your SkyDrive it will be opened with Office Word WepApp
When you click Open in Word the document will be opened in Word and can be edited!

You can also publish Excel or Powerpoint files the same way as you publish Word documents, when you want to share a OneNote notes the interface looks a little bit different…

Powerpoint 2010 Broadcasting
Another really nice ‘online’ feature is the Broadcasting feature which is part of Powerpoint 2010. So, whenever you have a meeting and you can’t be part of it, the presenter can now broadcast the presentation live from Powerpoint without additional hardware and software! You (the viewer) only need a web browser (not only Internet Explorer!) to watch the presentation!

Just click Broadcast Slide Show in the Publish menu. The Broadcast Slide Show interface is started…
When you click Start Broadcast the slideshow will be uploaded and you will receive a link which viewers can use to watch the presentation live(!!). So when you start the presentation the remote viewers will see exactly the same as the local viewers, only animations will not be visible for the remote (web) viewers.
When the upload is done, copy the link and e-mail it to the remote viewers. The viewers only have to open the link in their favorite web browser to see the presentation broadcast.

When you press the Start Slide Show button the broadcast will begin. If a remote viewer opens the link before you press the Start Slide Show button they will a Waiting for broadcast to begin message in your web browser.
When you click the Start Slide Show button the presentation will be instant available to your remote viewers! Even when you click Previous or Next slide it takes less then a second (probably depending on your (and the viewers) upload/download capabilities).

The Office 2010 Beta version has a few very nice ‘online’ features. They are not working entirely as I expected, but they are usable! The possibility to save your documents to your SkyDrive is a nice feature, but it would be great if you also were able to open a document directly from your Office application.

The Powerpoint Broadcasting publish option is really nice, especially now with the Swine Flue 🙂 you don’t have to come to the office the attend a meeting! You can watch the presentation right from your bed (or just at home if you’re not feeling sick).

Just to show you the nice vortex transition Peter mentioned to me I created a small video with a few slides to show you the very nice transition!

The image quality of the video isn’t that good, but it’s just the transition I wanted to show you!