71-669 : Win2k8 R2 Desktop Virtualization Beta Exam available on March 1st

A few days ago I already blogged that MS Learning would announce the last out of three new Virtualization exams. Next week, on Monday March 1st, the registration for the (beta) exam will open!

Registration old school
Until now the first possibility to register for an exam was at 12:00 am EST (6:00am CET), because the last time Prometric made a beta exam available there were ‘a few’ things that didn’t go that well! The beta exam code leaked to the internet several times which allowed everybody to register for the beta’s, instead of the people that were originally invited!

During the last beta exam, the 71-693, everybody in Europe was awake very early (the exam became available around 6am in Europe), but we were unable to register for the exam. Later that day MS Learning fixed the issues and the Europeans were able to register for the 71-693.

Registration 2010
This time everything is different. A couple of hours ago I received a ‘beta-exam’ notification which told me registration for the beta exam will open on March 1st (Next Monday that is!) at 9:00am EST (What time is this in my region?). The beta code will be e-mailed on March 1st at 9:00am EST, so let’s hope the e-mail system does what it has to do and everybody will receive the beta code in time!

Will this be the solution?
I think something has to change to give, at least the SME’s, a fair change to be the first to register for the exam. So if the new procedure works the way it should, this could be a proper solution to prevent the code to be posted on the web before the beta registration opens. And if something goes wrong the Prometric office at the Eastern part of the USA will be opened up so MS Learning peeps can contact them to fix the issues that may appear.

So, when is the registration for the 71-669 is available?

What : 71-669 : TS: Windows Server 2008 R2, Desktop Virtualization
Time : 9:00am EST (What time is this in my region?)

At the moment it’s not known when you can attend the exam, but this will probably be part of the e-mail of March 1st!