App-V 4.6 is availabe…

Finally the App-V is available for 64-bit operating systems! You can download App-V 4.6 as part of MDOP 2010 from MSDN or TechNET.

Since the release of Windows Vista I’m using 64-bit Operating Systems, so with the release of App-V 4.6 I can finally run all my sequenced applications on my laptop! I have to be honest…I’m using App-V 4.6 on my laptop since the release of the beta version. It’s really cool to have all your apps up and running again in about 10 minutes when I did a clean install for the 3rd time :

Somewhere in the next few days MS Learning will announce the latest Desktop Virtualization beta exam : TS : Windows Server 2008 R2, Desktop Virtualization, but more about that in another blogpost. For more info about the release of the beta exam-code please visit the MS Learn Blog