P2V Windows XP and Deploy Windows 7

In my previous post I showed how you can configure the P2V Migration Add-on. In this post I would like to show you how the created task sequence can be started to P2V the Windows XP installation, followed by the installation of Windows 7. When that is finished the Windows XP VHD is configured to run as a virtual machine inside the just installed Windows 7 client.


To convert your Windows XP machine to Windows 7 with a Virtual Windows XP you just have to follow the next few (simple) steps:

  1. Start Windows XP and log on.
  2. Browse to the folder scripts on the Deployment server (\DeploymentDistribution$Scripts in the example)
  3. Double click Litetouch.vbs
  4. Select the P2V task sequence (which was created during the previous blog post) and click Next
  5. Select Refresh this computer and click Next
  6. Enter the Computer name in the Computer name field and click Next
  7. Select Specify a location and enter the location where the VHD should be saved in the location field and click Next
  8. Klik Begin to start the process

That’s all! Personally I think that all the arguments not to start the migration to Windows 7 are gone! Because a video is a bit more explaining then the steps above, I created a short ( 3 min.) video where you can see the entire process.

If you have any questions, just leave a comment!

During the upcoming Springboard Series Tour (I’ll be attending the ‘Amsterdam-Edition’ on Oct. 25th) Stephen (I think it’s him :-)) will demo how you can capture your Windows XP installation with the P2V Migration Add-on. After that Windows 7 will be deployed and last but not least the captured Windows XP machine will be made available through Windows 7 XP Mode.