Upgrade the 7GB SkyDrive Storage to 25 GB (for free)

In my previous post I mentioned that I could only use 7 GB (of my 25 GB storage) with the SkyDrive App on my iPad (and on Windows). When I clicked around a bit I found a way to upgrade your storage for free. Just right click the SkyDrive icon in your taskbar and select Manage Storage. A web browser will pop up and there you can ‘upgrade’ your free storage to 25 GB!


You can even buy more storage…up to a total of 125 GB (for 37 Euro/year)!


I just selected the Free Upgrade and received the 25 GB of storage!


And I now have 25 GB of storage available on my mobile devices….


  • I think Microsoft have upped the game in reaction to Google Drive… However 25gb is very much appreciated, and they are ahead of the game with iPad and iPhoen Apps too. Thanks!

    • They certainly have! If MS also would release an Office for iPad app they totally made it 🙂

  • Judd

    This is smart of Microsoft.  I have a number (might be 6) of live accounts, but only one that I store info to.  Microsoft is having us validate our active accounts this way and saving (for me) 90GB of space it would have needed to put a side (and that’s just one user).