What happened to the ‘old’ Certified Systems Engineer?

UPDATE (April 17th) : Just talked to one of my contacts at MS Learning, the are going to fix the issue as soon as they can, the MCSystems Engineer on Windows Server 2003 is the one and only correct one… 🙂 I will update thist post again when an fix ETA is available.

UPDATE (April 18th): The new logo system will NOT be available until it is fixed. The site will be working again witht he new logos as of April 24th.

It look like the CertificationLogoBuilder website has lost it. A couple of days ago Microsoft has announced that they will reintroduce the (old) MCSE and MCSE credentials. But I can’t find any info telling me that the old Certified Systems Engineer/Administrator credentials also would transform into Certified Solutions Associate.

Microsoft Transcript
Yesterday Microsoft has updated the transcripts with the ‘new’ credentials. Since I already earned the MCITP Server (and Enterprise) Admin back in January 2008, I will now also see the MCSA Windows Server 2008 Core on my transcript (see figure 1).

figure 1 : MCSA Windows Server 2008 Core

On my transcript the ‘old’ Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer (and MCSA) credentials still seem valid (see figure 2).

figure 2: Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer

Certification Logo Builder
But when you want to create a new logo with the Certification Logo Builder, the ‘old’ Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer logo’s are gone!


What are the correct credentials?
So Microsoft, can you please tell me if the Certified Systems Engineer credentials still exists for the pre-Windows 8 era?? Or do we have to update our resume’s with the new Microsoft Certified Solutions Expert/Associate names? Can you please give us the answers?

What about the logo’s?
It’s a bit strange…a couple of weeks I was a Certified Systems Engineer on Windows Server 2003, but now I’m a Certified Solutions Expert on Windows Server 2003!


Okey…I can understand the MCSE stuff…but really strange things happen when I try to build a MCSA (both of them) logo’s….check this out! Now I’m a Certified Solutions Associate on Windows Server 2003, but I’m a Certified Systems Administrator on Windows Server 2008 Core???



I think they are still working on some issues there,  when I want to build the MCSA Windows Server 2008 Core I receive an error…


Let’s hope Microsoft will fix the issues and we are able to download the correct ‘old’ Certified Systems Engineer logo’s again….

  • Nato

    Yes I just received an email from them congratulating me on my new certification of ‘Windows Server® 2008 Core certification’ and I was also confused.  I’m MCSA2003, MCSE2003 and MCITP2008 from a few years ago.

    I had a dig around the MCP site and my transcript shows the additional Core entry like yours.  On the logo builder, I also have the mixups that you mentioned.  When I click ‘System Administrator’ I can only choose 2008.  When I click ‘Solutions Associate’ I can only choose 2003.  When I choose ‘Solution Expert’ I can only choose 2008.

    It seems to me that they’ve created 2 new labels (Solutions Associate and Solutions Expert) and these have been confused with the old System Administrator and System Engineer because of the same acronyms MCSA and MCSE.  I’m sure they’ll sort it soon.  At least I know I’m not alone in receiving this email and seeing this glitch.  In fact, here’s confirmation that the labels are new http://system-log.com/2012/04/11/microsofts-certifications-reinvented-for-the-cloud/ and indeed I see it on MS’s site http://www.microsoft.com/learning/en/us/certification/cert-overview.aspx

  • Nato

    Hey Helmer.  Without looking properly, I thought this was a forum, so I posted that previous comment while I was finding the info myself.  I now see that you’re fully aware of the cert changes etc. so you can feel free to disregard my post if you like.  Thanks for posting about this anyway as this was the only info I could find when I 1st received my out-of-the-blue MS email yesterday.