Deploying Windows 8 Release Preview with MDT 2012 Update 1 (Beta)

Today Microsoft has released the beta version of MDT 2012 Update 1. You can upgrade the following versions of MDT with the MDT 2012 Update 1 Beta :

  • MDT 2008 Update 1
  • MDT 2010
  • MDT 2010 Update 1
  • MDT 2012

After you installed MDT 2012 Update 1, you should upgrade your deployment share. You should also read the Release Notes where you can find some more tips about this new version.

Some of the new features :

  • Support for using the DaRT 8 Beta with the Windows 8 Release Preview version of the Assessment and Deployment Kit (ADK).
  • New “Build Your Own Pages” support for User-Driven Installation (UDI), enabling IT pros to create new wizard panes using simple drag-and-drop operations – no coding required.
  • Integration with System Center Orchestrator, enabling task sequences to invoke Orchestrator runbooks at any point in the deployment process.
  • Completely reworked “Roles and Features” logic, supporting both installation and removal, as well as providing a new Lite Touch wizard pane for selecting roles and features to install at deploy time.
  • Support for PowerShell 3.0 to make it easier to run PowerShell scripts inside task sequences on Windows 8, Windows Server 2012, and Windows PE 4.0.
  • Simple monitoring functionality for Configuration Manager task sequences, leveraging the monitoring capabilities provided initially in MDT 2012 for Lite Touch deployments.
  • Improved “boot from VHD” deployment capabilities, supporting both bare metal and refresh deployment

Instead of the Windows AIK (for Windows 7), you can now use the Windows ADK to deploy Windows 8 Release Preview and Windows 7. When installing Windows 7 using Setup.exe with Windows PE 4.0 from the Windows ADK, two error dialog boxes are displayed while still in Windows PE. The dialog boxes do not affect the deployment, but you must click OK in each of them before the deployment process will continue.

I created a small (7 minute) video of a default Windows 8 Release Preview deployment with the new version of MDT. Please leave a comment if you like it.