It’s October 19th… where are the results?

Update (Oct. 22nd) : Spoke to Prometric Netherlands this morning. They told me we should not expect the results anywhere near the first half of November. When I asked how they came up with that information, they told me the beta exam ran until September 24/25. The results will be available 6-8 weeks after that date. I will contact MS Learning as soon as they are online and available. I spoke to my MS Learning contact later in the evening and she told me (that the results should be updated in the upcoming night).

Update (Oct. 23nd) : This morning I checked the Prometric website and the results were there. For what I hear that’s not the case for everybody, so please leave a comment if you don’s see the entire results yet (some see one or more exam still saying Tested).

On August 20th I blogged about the date that we should expect the results of the 70-413, 70-414, 70-415 and 70-416 (Windows Server 2012) exams. October 16th was the date the exams went ‘Live’, but sadly enough (not for the first time) the beta results are not available again on this date. That’s why I had contact with one of my contacts at MS Learning several times, during the last few days.

What I didn’t really understand that, in the past we always received the results of the beta exams before the exam went ‘Live’. For what I understand is that something Microsoft Learning is discussing internally, let’s hope when the next series of beta exams arrive the issues are solved and the beta results are available way before the exams go ‘Live’.

I also contacted Prometric via Twitter several times. On October 12th they  told me to expect the results somewhere mid-this week.


Because it’s already October 19th in the entire world (in just two more hours the 19th is almost over everywhere except for the United States). They assured that the results would still become available on October 19th. Since their headquarter is located on the American East Coast, we can expect the results somewhere between now and October 20th 6:00 GMT…


I agreed with my contact at MS Learning to let her know if the results were not available by Monday morning (October 22nd), so she can contact Prometric HQ and to make sure the results will be available ehh…FAST.

Please let me know if you received the results (or if it’s still saying ‘Tested’), so I know what to tell MS Learning on Monday morning.

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  • James

    Still showing Tested.

  • Tested

  • Still showing Tested (and getting frustrated about it… even @mslearning does not respond to my tweets)

    • That’s correct, the also ignore mine 🙁

    • There are some changements… Today it shows that I passed 414 and 416 and failed the 413. 415 is still being shown as Tested

      • There are some changes at mine too. I pass the 415 and failed the other three 🙁

  • James

    showing as tested. 🙁

  • They are still showing tested.
    The process is very frustrating. I contacted Prometric and Microsoft and they are both fingerpointing at eachother. In the end a person Jerry (MCP Customer Service) wanted to help me and he was going to contact Prometric on my behalf. But when he noticed that the exam has been taken in the Netherlands, he ask me to contact prometric in my region. But they are fingerpointing again to Microsoft.

    Some of you probably know this problem occurs most of the times with the recent beta exams. Can’t we collaborate to write a solid letter, complaining about this and asking to optimalize the process and communication to the test takers?

  • Still tested here 🙁

  • Daniel Sutton

    Still showing as tested on mine

  • Beta ran until 24/25 September?! The invitation email states:

    Beta exam period runs: Aug 6, 2012 – Aug 20, 2012.
    This morning I talked with prometric the netherlands also, and they told me that I should already see the results as they confirmed the 8 weeks after the beta period was already over. Strange that the same prometric region does announce different things. Probably they don’t know it themselved and they’re trying to get rid of the callers (aka You & me)…

    • That’s what they told me (and I was driving during the phone call…so unable to check the facts). I will call them again when I’m on my way home, and contact MS Learning later tonight.

    • Had contact with Prometric again, they had to check some things and called me back an hour later. ‘Some’ exams went wrong and the results were not published on They have to fix this ‘by hand’ and somewhere during the coming night (US time) the results will be published on

      So probably somewhere during the next 24 hours the results should appear on their website.

  • Hypocrit

    Prometric scored the exams this morning!!

    • And..? Did you pass them?

      • Hypocrit


        • hypocrit

          now showing: 415: Passed !!!Yeah!!! -only to repeat the 414..

      • Daniel Sutton

        I got;
        413 – Failed
        414 – Passed
        415 – Tested
        416 – Failed

      • JamesR

        413 – Passed
        414 – Passed
        415 – Passed
        416 – Failed

  • james

    my 15th august results are in ( and bad.boooo) my august 20th results are not yet in.

    • Too bad….on which results are you still waiting?

      • james

        All in now, was waiting for 415…which i passed! hoorrah!. Thanks for all the work on this Helmer, MS and prometric really didn’t do well.