HelmersBlog : Planned maintenanceHelmersBlog : Gepland onderhoud aan webserver

In the evening of the 14th of September 2011 HelmersBlog will be unavailable for about an hour during 00:30 (CET) and 06:00 (CET) due to scheduled maintenance.


In de nacht van 14 op 15 september zal HelmersBlog tussen 00:30 en 06:00 verminderd bereikbaar zijn. Gedurende deze tijd zal de website

in verband met een serververhuizing bij de hosting provider voor ongeveer een uur niet bereikbaar zijn.

Welcome in the new yearWelkom in het nieuwe jaar

The last few months of the old year were very busy for me, in a private way, and that’s the reason my blog didn’t get any updates recently. Last week my ‘professional life’ had started again and that’s also the reason I wanted to mention that my blog is still alive and kicking.

I’ve already applied for my first Microsoft event of the year : TechNet Live 2011 (in the Netherlands) and when there will be any info I can share with you, I certainly will. Just like the last few TechNet Live event I’ll also be attending this one. Just like the last few years the event will end with the famous Geek Night.

Let’s hope there will be another Guitar Hero content…probably a Kinect-driven-Air-Guitar version? 🙂


2011 will certainly be a better year, on all fronts, then 2010….I know that for sure 🙂De laatste paar maanden waren, voor mij prive, erg roerige maanden. Dit is ook de reden dat mijn blog niet veel updates heeft gekend gedurende deze periode. Afgelopen week is m’n ‘professionele leven’ weer van start gegaan. Dit laatste is dan ook de reden dat ik even will aangeven dat m’n blog nog steeds springlevend is.

Ik heb me al aangemeld voor m’n eerste Microsoft evenement : TechNet Live 2011 (in Den Haag) en zodra er informatie te delen valt, zal ik dit zeker doen. Net als de laatste paar TechNet Live evenementen zal ik ook dit jaar aanwezig zijn. Net als de laatste paar jaren zal dit event weer worden afgesloten met de beroemde Geek Night.

Laten we hopen dat er ook dit jaar weer een Guitar Hero wedstrijd is….ik hoop zelf op een Kinect-Lucht-Guitar version? 🙂

2011 zal, op alle fronten, een beter jaar worden dan 2010…dat weet ik wel zeker 🙂

Blog : Upgraded to WordPress 3

The upgrade of my blog to WordPress 3.0 has been finished successfully! So now I can start designing a new ‘look’ for my blog…so in a few weeks the site will have an up to date layout again.

Blog : Added New Version of Microsoft Translator Widget


Since a long time Helmers Blog is using the translation services of Microsoft Translator. This service can do an instant translation of a website. Just press select the correct language and press the > button.

The new Translator Widget can do more 🙂 Yeah..the new functionalities are still in beta, but I think they really rock. It is possible to let the Translator Widget translate your website automatically. So if the website (which is using the new Microsoft Translator Widget) is in English, but your browser settings are in Dutch, German, French (or one of the other languages) it will automatically translate the website in your own language.

Another new feature (invite only at the moment) is the Collaborative Translations. This feature allows you to create a better translation of selected text. See the image below for an example.


Because the new Translator Widget is still in beta, some features won’t work entirely the way the should. If you see anything that isn’t working the way it should, you can report it at the Microsoft Translator Forums.

Merry Christmas Everybody!

It’s almost the end of the year…it’s almost time to celebrate and (a few days later) fireworks. The year that my blog had to move to another hoster twice due to a visitor overload! 2009 is also a year for loads of new stuff : I build myself a Nerd Network, the Philips TV which was unable to stream media files and of course the launch of Windows 7, Windows Server 2008 and Exchange 2010!

2009 was a great year for my blog, the blog kept growing every month! Over 190,000 visitors visited Helmers Blog during the first 11 months of 2009. In November 2009 I found a sponsor which made it possible to move the blog to it’s own server! Thanks Hozio for the sponsoring!

This will probably be my last blog post in 2009. Just two more working days for me this year….so let me end by wishing you all a very merry Christmas and a a very happy 2010!


Expanding capacities..building a better blog :)

Since early this year I received several e-mails from the web hoster to let me know that I had too much traffic/load/visitors coming to my blog. The first two overloads had something to do with a blog post I created, but the last one (just a few weeks ago) simply had something to do with a large increase in the number of visitors.

This made me decide to tweet about a sponsorship I was looking for, and Hozio responded. I’m proud to tell you that my blog has been migrated to it’s own server over at Hozio!

Welcome Featured Content Banner

As you probably noticed the blog is back again. The only change I made was the Featured Content banner on the top of the homepage. If you like new hot stuff…just keep an eye on the blog for the next few days!

Blog unavailable for a couple of hours later today


Due to some planned maintenance the blog will be unavailable (for a couple of hours) later today. The scheduled maintenance will take place between 10:00PM CET and 11:59PM CET. During this time the blog will be completely unavailable.

If you can’t miss the news for so long, please visit the beta version of my blog which is available at http://beta.blog.hznet.nl (it contains all the posts which were post before the weekend).

When I’m back online, I hope to show you some new cool features 🙂

Welcome at Helmers Blog v3.0!


Because I like a neat and clean website I decided to refresh the looks of my blog! One of the major advantages of the new version is width! The images (and video’s) can be 200px wider then on the old blog!

Please let me know what you think of the new design in the comments. If you still receive pages in the old layout, please clean your browser cache! I removed all the cache files at the server side, so you should see all the pages in the new layout.

If you have any questions concerning the new looks, just leave a message in the comment area.

Troubles with my RSS Feeds


Since I moved my Feedburner account to Google it seems that my RSS Feeds are out of order. This has something to do with the MyBrand function. I’m using the feeds.blog.hznet.nl/helmersblogdutch as the feed url, but since I moved my feeds to Google that doesn’t seem to work anymore (not even when I changed the CNAME the way Google told me to).

Because of this, and the RSS feed name-change (changed it from helmersblogdutch to hznetblog) I would like to ask you to update my feed address. To add the new feed address you can just click on the Subscribe to RSS feed button on the right side (or add it to you rss reader).