SkyDrive will be rebranded to OneDrive

Microsoft has announced today that their SkyDrive brand will be renamed to OneDrive (and SkyDrive Pro will be rebranded to OneDrive for Business). If you’re already using SkyDrive (when you’re a Windows Phone or Windows 8 user you probably are), nothing will change but the name. All your files will seamlessly move to the new brand. Microsoft has published a nice video on their website (click here) and you can leave your email address, so they can let you know when OneDrive has arrived.

Xbox One, OneNote…and now OneDrive…sounds nice, don’t you think? Leave your comments below!



DVBLogic is releasing DVBLink 4.0DVBLogic brengt DVBLink 4.0 uit

As you probably know I’m using the DVBLogic software in my home network to watch TV. For a couple of weeks I’m running the beta and later the Release Candidate versions of the new DVLink 4.0 software. Last week DVBLogic already tweeted about the fact that they almost had finished version 4!

This morning when I wanted to show their website to a colleague, the website was not available and was showing only : ‘New Exciting stuff is coming. Check back later’.


I did some research and discovered that their new website is already up and running (at least part of it!). So, probably within a few hours (I hope) they will officially announce the new version of their DVBlink Software! I hardly can’t wait to install the iPad / iPhone / Windows Phone 7 apps. to watch TV on-the-go! Let’s hope version 4.1 will follow soon, that update will enable the Record functionality from the apps!


Support for iPhone, iPad, Android and Windows Mobile

Buy version 4 of the DVBlink Software
The new software is already for sale on their website, and you can also download the RTM versions!


If you want to check out their new website, just follow this link…and see for yourself!Zoals je waarschijnlijk wel weet gebruik ik mijn thuisnetwerk de software van DVBLogic om TV te kijken. Sinds een paar weken draai ik de beta en later de Release Candidate versies van de nieuwe DVBLink 4.0 software. Afgelopen week tweete DVBLogic zelf al over het feit dat versie 4 van de software niet lang op zich zou laten wachten.

Vanmorgen wilde ik de website aan een collega laten zien, maar de website was tijdelijk niet beschikbaar en alleen de volgende melding zien: ‘New Exciting stuff is coming. Check back later’.


Natuurlijk heb ik wat onderzoek gedaan en ik kwam erachter dat hun nieuwe website al beschikbaar was (in ieder geval een deel!). Waarschijnlijk wordt dus in de komende uren (hoop ik) officieel versie 4.0 van DVBLogic’s DVBLink software aangekondigt! Ik kan niet wachten om de client app te installeren op mijn iPad / iPhone / Windows Phone 7 en Android device. Lekker overal onderweg TV kijken! Laten we hopen dat versie 4.1 snel volgt, want hier zit (als ik het goed heb) de Opname functionaleit in, zodat je vanuit de client app. je opnames kunt regelen.

Ondersteuning voor zowel iPhone, iPad, Android and Windows Mobile devices

Koop versie 4 van de DVBlink Software
De nieuwe software is al te koop op hun website, daarnaast kun je de RTM versie ook al downloaden!


Als je de nieuwe website alvast wil bekijken, klik dan op deze link…enneh je hebt dit niet van mij he :-).

Cloud Complete Event

I’m sorry, but the info in this blog post is about an Cloud event in the Netherlands. Therefore the information is only available in Dutch.Op 14 juni 2011 vindt het Cloud Complete event plaats. Cloud Complete is een unieke samenwerking tussen Cisco, Netapp en VMware. Deze samenwerking levert een gedeelde, uniforme architectuur die de basis vormt voor uw Private Cloud en de realisatie van IT as a Service.

Het Cloud Complete Event is voor iedereen die wil weten wat de daadwerkelijk impact van Cloud Computing is op de organisatie en hoe dit zich vertaalt in praktische oplossingen en kostenbesparende technologieën.

Of u nu denkt aan server-, desktop-, of storage virtualisatie, wij helpen u graag. Onze passie, kennis, ervaring van en visie op virtualisatie technieken gecombineerd met de architecturen van Cisco, NetApp en VMware leveren u een full service oplossing op. Met als resultaat een kostenbesparende maar vooral flexibele infrastructuur die klaar is voor de toekomst; zo bouwen wij samen aan het fundament voor uw private cloud.

Graag wil ik u, namens Inter Access, uitnodigen voor dit unieke event. Het congres vindt plaats op 14 juni 2011 in Bussum. Inter Access is hier aanwezig op de informatiemarkt en begroet u graag in hun stand!

Klik hier om u te registreren voor het Cloud Complete Event.

Na registratie ontvangt u één a twee weken voor het event een toegangsbewijs en routebeschrijving van het organisatiebureau Heliview.

Whitepaper : Virtualiseren met Inter Access
Whitepaper : Datacenter Deployment

XBOX Live Presents : Free Live Weekend!


And just like the previous four years (Xtival ‘07, Xtival ‘08, Xtival Spring ‘09 and Xtival Winter ‘09) …it’s party time again!

All Xbox LIVE Free members will be upgraded to Gold – giving you access to the complete Xbox LIVE experience, including online multiplayer games, instantly-streamed movies and music in Zune , voice chat, Video Kinect and great social features like Twitter and Facebook to share your achievements with your friends.

You’ll also be able to explore an amazing line-up of movies and music, and find some awesome discounted goodies in Xbox LIVE Marketplace.

Joining in is easy: simply fire up your Xbox 360 and browse to the Free LIVE Weekend page in Spotlight.

Get set for an unmissable weekend of fun and games!


We’ve got some amazing gear for you to win over the Free LIVE Weekend – including:
An HTC HD7 Windows Phone 7 that lets you play great games on the move, and add to your Xbox LIVE Gamerscore too!
Halo: Reach Limited Collector’s Edition – with that exclusive in-game Elite armour, for the ultimate bad-ass appearance…
Find out how to enter by visiting the competitions channel in Dash during the Xbox Free LIVE Weekend!

Including Rihanna, Far East Movement, Eminem, Black Eyed Peas and Lady Gaga – and an Xbox exclusive: N.E.R.D’s new video Hot ’n’ Fun, featuring Nelly Furtado.
Take Kinect online with Kinect Sports and Kinect Joy Ride – and try out video chat with your friends and family using Video Kinect.

If you’re an Xbox LIVE Free member, you get to try out the multiplayer modes of all your favourite games – for free!

Pick up some awesome goodies for a song! There are discounts on everything from Xbox Originals and Xbox LIVE Arcade games to add-ons and Avatars – and movies too!

And again this year it’s for the European XBOX Live fans only…


Just click here for more info.

Microsoft Management is ready for Kinect! Are you?


The Microsoft Executives are a big fan of Kinect. If you check out the Microsoft Executive listings you can see that their pictures have been swapped with their XBOX Live Avatar’s! Too bad their XBOX Live Gamertag aren’t mentioned, so you won’t be able to become friends with Steve B. for example.

Just click Read More to see what I mean…or click here to go to the Microsoft Press pass page.

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Blog : Added New Version of Microsoft Translator Widget


Since a long time Helmers Blog is using the translation services of Microsoft Translator. This service can do an instant translation of a website. Just press select the correct language and press the > button.

The new Translator Widget can do more 🙂 Yeah..the new functionalities are still in beta, but I think they really rock. It is possible to let the Translator Widget translate your website automatically. So if the website (which is using the new Microsoft Translator Widget) is in English, but your browser settings are in Dutch, German, French (or one of the other languages) it will automatically translate the website in your own language.

Another new feature (invite only at the moment) is the Collaborative Translations. This feature allows you to create a better translation of selected text. See the image below for an example.


Because the new Translator Widget is still in beta, some features won’t work entirely the way the should. If you see anything that isn’t working the way it should, you can report it at the Microsoft Translator Forums.

Philips 8000 Series became a 9000 Series…for FREE!

A couple of months ago I blogged about the DLNA capabilites of our new Philips 42PFL8404. In this blogpost I will tell you all about the current situation…the title tells it all!

A Sound Problem
Some time had passed after my latest contact with the Philips Consumer Care and I’m really enjoying my tv (I’m not even missing the media capabilities, hey I still do own a XBOX 360). I think it was the beginning of August 2009 when I updated the firmware of my tv. We discovered the problem when we watched a episode of our favorite tv show. At the end of the episode we wanted to start another episode (same video and audio format!), but this time there was no sound!! Yeah..that’s correct…no SOUND! Hmm..maybe a different audio format, a non supported one? I started the previous episode again (the one we just watched)…NO SOUND!!

A Work Around
By accident I power cycled the tv and as it was meant to be…we had sound again! The next time we had the no-sound-problem I power cycled the tv immediately to make sure this was the solution for the problem…and it was. I never had this problem with the previous firmware versions (there is a new one almost every month), so the problem had to be software related. Or at least it had to be a problem with the tv!

Philips Consumer Care
At first I didn’t bothered, but when it happened more often I decided to contact Philips Consumer Care to report the problem. They told me that they had never heard of the problem, but they should contact their repair center and ask them to contact me. The next day the repair center called and I explained the problem to them. They told me that they also never heard of the problem and they would look into it. At the end of the next week we went on holiday for a week. When we got back there still was no info about our sound-problem.

Philips Repair Center
I waited for another week, but still no call from the repair center. When I contacted them they told me that they reported my problem to Philips more then 3 weeks ago, but they didn’t got an answer from them. They told me that they would contact Philips to ask if there was already a solution for the problem.

After another week (more then a month after I reported the problem) I decided to contact the repair center again, because they didn’t contacted me yet. When I asked why it had to take such a long time the repair center man told me that he still didn’t had an answer from Philips. He told me that it could take a substantial amount of time before he should hear anything from Philips. I decided to contact the Philips Consumer Care again, they can’t be serious about this….reporting an sound issue and let the customer wait for more then 4 weeks before they have a solution (and after the 4 weeks still don’t having a clue how long it will take before they could solve the problem).

Philips Consumer Care Part 2
I contacted Philips again and explained the situation. I also mentioned my earlier problem and that I, at this moment, wouldn’t recommend a Philips product to anybody asking me what brand they should buy. To make sure they understood my frustration I mentioned that I had Philips tv’s all my life, but this would be my last…

To make the ‘problem’ even worse I explained that Philips tv’s should be ‘Ziggo CI+ certified’ (in the Netherlands), but that Ziggo didn’t support the Philips tv’s at the moment. Can you imagine buy a tv it has a sticker on the box saying ‘Ziggo CI+ Certified’ and when you use the CI+ (DVB-C) module, you can’t receive any tv channel.…

The person in question explained that she would look into my problem and that she would contact me in a few days. Of course (I’m used to it) the person didn’t contacted me….

The Solution
The solution to all of my problems (hmm..not the media-play-dlna-problem but..hey I almost forgot I even had that problem) came a week later. The Philiips Repair Center contacted me with the question when they could switch our tv with another model. THAT was not the solution I expected, but the guy from the Repair Center told me that he could offer us a model from the 9000 series. To be more precise : Philips told him that he could switch our 42PFL8404 for a 42PFL9664…and no, we didn’t even have to pay the difference (at the moment the difference in price is almost 500 euro’s!).

The Repair Center guy told us that we could take our time to think it over, so when I came home that evening we did some research. At the end we decided that we would agree with the switch….so a little two weeks later we had a new tv for the price of the old one! And both the sound-problem and the CI+ issue we had with the 8404 don’t exist with the new 9664!

Because of the long period of contact with the Philips Consumer Care and the several issues we had I think at the end Philips really offered us a nice solution! So, there is only one thing I can say about Philips and the way they solve the problems……just keep contacting the Philips Consumer Care department and let them know (on a nice way, always stay polite..I always stay really works!) if your issues aren’t solved they way you expect. At the end Philips knows how to solve the issues consumers have (at least they solved my issues on a really nice way)!

So..when you want to buy a new tv : BUY A PHILIPS! Their support and consumer care are perfect!! hehe

Expanding capacities..building a better blog :)

Since early this year I received several e-mails from the web hoster to let me know that I had too much traffic/load/visitors coming to my blog. The first two overloads had something to do with a blog post I created, but the last one (just a few weeks ago) simply had something to do with a large increase in the number of visitors.

This made me decide to tweet about a sponsorship I was looking for, and Hozio responded. I’m proud to tell you that my blog has been migrated to it’s own server over at Hozio!

What OS are you running?

Windows 7 is available for a couple of weeks now. Are you already running Windows 7? Maybe you are still using Windows Vista, or even Windows XP. I’m curious what OS you’re using right now..please leave your vote! And if you’re not running Windows 7 already, why not? Will you be running Windows 7 in the (near) future? Why not?

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Get On The Bus Visiting Veenendaal – The Pictures

Last monday I visited the GetOnTheBus evening session over at InfoSupport in Veenendaal. Of course I took my camera with me. Below you can see the pictures. Not all of the pictures were taken by me. Some were made by Maarten Goet, but he didn’t have time to upload them….so that’s why he e-mailed me the pictures. Maarten also took a picture at the Zwolle event from earlier on Monday, I also added that picture!

[iframe 700 600]

ps. If you don’t see the photo album above you probably need to install Silverlight!