XBOX Live Presents : Free Live Weekend!


And just like the previous four years (Xtival ‘07, Xtival ‘08, Xtival Spring ‘09 and Xtival Winter ‘09) …it’s party time again!

All Xbox LIVE Free members will be upgraded to Gold – giving you access to the complete Xbox LIVE experience, including online multiplayer games, instantly-streamed movies and music in Zune , voice chat, Video Kinect and great social features like Twitter and Facebook to share your achievements with your friends.

You’ll also be able to explore an amazing line-up of movies and music, and find some awesome discounted goodies in Xbox LIVE Marketplace.

Joining in is easy: simply fire up your Xbox 360 and browse to the Free LIVE Weekend page in Spotlight.

Get set for an unmissable weekend of fun and games!


We’ve got some amazing gear for you to win over the Free LIVE Weekend – including:
An HTC HD7 Windows Phone 7 that lets you play great games on the move, and add to your Xbox LIVE Gamerscore too!
Halo: Reach Limited Collector’s Edition – with that exclusive in-game Elite armour, for the ultimate bad-ass appearance…
Find out how to enter by visiting the competitions channel in Dash during the Xbox Free LIVE Weekend!

Including Rihanna, Far East Movement, Eminem, Black Eyed Peas and Lady Gaga – and an Xbox exclusive: N.E.R.D’s new video Hot ’n’ Fun, featuring Nelly Furtado.
Take Kinect online with Kinect Sports and Kinect Joy Ride – and try out video chat with your friends and family using Video Kinect.

If you’re an Xbox LIVE Free member, you get to try out the multiplayer modes of all your favourite games – for free!

Pick up some awesome goodies for a song! There are discounts on everything from Xbox Originals and Xbox LIVE Arcade games to add-ons and Avatars – and movies too!

And again this year it’s for the European XBOX Live fans only…


Just click here for more info.

Microsoft Management is ready for Kinect! Are you?


The Microsoft Executives are a big fan of Kinect. If you check out the Microsoft Executive listings you can see that their pictures have been swapped with their XBOX Live Avatar’s! Too bad their XBOX Live Gamertag aren’t mentioned, so you won’t be able to become friends with Steve B. for example.

Just click Read More to see what I mean…or click here to go to the Microsoft Press pass page.

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Some nice BingTones from Microsoft


A few days ago Microsoft launched their new search engine called Bing. And from yesterday (Thanks Stefan for the Tweet) you can even download the official BingTones…three Bing branded ring tones for your mobile phone. No! your phones doesn’t have to run Windows Mobile, so as long you can set use an mp3 file as a ring tone you can use the BingTones!

Download Microsoft BingTones

Geek Night Keynote (Dutch)


For all my international visitors : This video is in Dutch and doesn’t have subtitles! I’m very sorry, but this video isn’t hosted by me so please don’t ask for subtitles.

In this one hour keynote Tony & Daniel will do a non-stop demo about the techniques described in my earlier blog post about the Geek Night. Because the video will start automatically you have to press the Read More link below to ‘open the post’ and watch the video!

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XBOX 360 : Nice Project Natal Video

I’m not sure it will be available, but I think the new way of controlling your XBOX 360 is AMAZING!! Check out the video below where you can see the new ‘Project Natal’ in a demo video.

[iframe 430 326]

You can also visit the Official XBOX Project Natal website for more info!

Anybody going to Geek Night 09 Tonight?


I’m leaving for Geek Night ‘09 in a moment. I’m curious what Tony and Daniel (two Dutch MS IT Pro Evangelists) are going to show us tonight in their Living the connected life keynote!

I’m sure it’s gonna be a fun evening. If I understood Sander Berkouwer correctly it’s going to be a tough night…hehe. I brought a photo camera with me, so maybe (if their will be any good pictures!) I’ll post some pictures tomorrow…